Our Services:


​Surfside Inspections 

Home and Insurance Inspection Service ​


  • ​Wind Mitigation Insurance 
  • ​Roof  Insurance Inspection
  • ​4-Point  Insurance Inspections ​


  • Residential Home Inspections 
  • New Construction Inspections
  • Condo Inspections 
  • Preventive Home Maintenance Inspections 
  • Pre-Listing Inspections (before listing your home)

​Special Inspections 

  • ​​Infrared Thermography and Leak Detection  
  • Docks and Seawall
  • Pools and Spas 
  • ​Irrigation System
  • Termite Inspection (upon request - 3rd party)

​​​Our Process:

Each home inspection is performed systematically to analyze your homes mechanical and structural integrity.  

​Your Report:

Your report contains a professional examination with comments and multiple digital photo's of the structure, roof system, electrical system, plumbing system (including private wells), heating and cooling system, general appliances and if needed; irrigation systems, pool systems, docks and seawalls. 

Structural: Report is comprised of a visual inspection of concrete slabs, floors, walls, columns, support posts and ceilings. We are checking for proper operations of all windows and doors, commenting on attics, attic insulation, trusses and rafters. 

Roof System: Report covers the type and condition of the roof surface. Evaluating roof penetrations, flashing, trim and fastening technique.

Electrical System: Identifying any safety issues, service amperage and condition of the electrical panel equipment and conductors. Looking for proper grounding and wiring within the electrical panel, including sub-panel. Evaluating all accessible wall outlets and checking for GFCI and ARC fault protection in required locations.

Plumbing System: Inspecting supply and waste lines, identifying defective plumbing materials and looking for visual signs of leakage. Checking for proper water flow and drainage. Report includes evaluation of water heathers, sinks, tubs, toilets, showers and shower walls.  

Heating and Cooling System: Inspecting heating and cooling equipment for proper operation. Checking for temperature differential and evaluation ductwork and duct connections. 

General Appliances: Evaluate appliances to confirm function. 

Irrigation Systems: Identify the type of well present. Evaluating irrigation equipment, i.e. pump, timer, sprinkler heads and the number of zones.

Pool Systems: Evaluate the pools finished surface, pool pump, filter and gas/electric heaters. Checking for proper bonding of equipment and evaluation of the screen enclosure (if present). 

Docks and Seawalls: Docks and Seawalls are visually evaluated for structural integrity and any signs of failure or pre-failure condition and deterioration. Evaluation of dock fasteners, dock equipment, boat houses and boat lifts (if present).

​As a member of  Florida Association of Building Inspectors (FABI), we agree, acknowledge and operate FABI Code of Ethics and FABI Standards of Practice